X-men: Danger Room Protocols is an 18 episode web series that centers around Professor X putting teams of 2 X-men at a time through various training exercises in the Danger Room.
In these exercises, you’ll see the X-men face off against a variety of villains from the comics in some familiar settings to the fans. The episodes are action packed and have tons of moments for all the characters to shine.

I started developing the series a year ago, and have put a lot of blood sweat and tears into the project. I did it partially as a love letter to Marvel and my childhood, as well as a way to give something back to the fans.


Artwork & Tutorials available each week

Visit my Gumroad page for additional artwork from the series. You’ll get access to character posters, production artwork, and behind the scenes videos and tutorials. Click the image below for more info.


About Me

My name is Joel Furtado and I’m an animator from Vancouver, Canada. After graduating from Emily Carr University with a fine arts degree, majoring in Animation, I began working immediately in the gaming industry. I’ve worked as an animator and art director for the past 10 years in both gaming and television.

For work related inquiries please contact me through my LinkedIn